Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chemor Shops Collapsed

This building could looked like destroyed in a blast during battle. Well, this is not a war zone but the busiest main road of Chemor town. The trunk road connecting Ipoh with northern towns cut through the heart of Chemor and there are thousands of giant trucks or containers carrying all kind of heavy goods, such as timber, cement, bricks and so on, passing by here everyday. When I was out for lunch around here this afternoon, the traffic was extremely jam because the main road was closed. By no choice drivers were all directed into other streets as alternative route and all those big vehicles crawling in the narrow alleys were endangering other road users. But why the main road was closed? When I passed by here again after work, I realized there were 3 shophouses having their front portion torn down violently. Immediately it came to my mind it was caused by the collision by truck and later proven from the evening news that I was right. A truck came from northern direction lost control and slammed onto the five-foot-way at opposite direction causing the upper floor of these shophouses collapse. The truck driver was injured but luckily no other casualties in this incident. From this accident, it reminds me about another small town at south of Ipoh, Kepayang, which is similarly right on the intercity trunk road had been many times hit by trucks and forcing the residents either keep themselves safe by living only at the rear portion of the shophouses or simply move out from there. However, if similar incident happen again, it will be greater risk of civilian death in Chemor than Kepayang because Chemor is much more crowded and almost every building along the main road is occupied. Hopefully appropriate action will be taken to prevent any unwanted tragedy.


  1. I went to see the site yesterday evening, and I was told that the cement-laden trailer from Kantan going towards Ipoh. The driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to skid and veer into the opposite lane before crashing into the these heritage shophouses. These is a small barber shop at the edge of this shophouses, thank God no one was injured. Just a lucky escape for all!

  2. Yes, the barber shop, it had been 1 of my target to shoot some photos because it's kind of living heritage but i was to late, it's now gone. It's really lucky that no serious injuries in the oneincident. If it happened 1 block further the story will be totally different, there are so many ppl in the morning around there.


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