Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miss the Mercedes Benz Logo

Ipoh's southern gateway passes right beside this limestone hill which houses one of the popular cave temples in the city. It simply looked like an ordinary limestone hill around Kinta Valley. However, about half a century ago, there were many rich tin miners in Ipoh making it a rich town that was also known as "The Millionaire City". And it became a best selling town for luxury car Mercedes Benz. As to show the popularity of the brand in Ipoh, Mercedes Benz put up a giant logo on this hill at the southern main entrance to Ipoh and it became one of the famous landmarks. Anyway, after the economy crisis in 1986, Ipoh's economy was badly hit and things turned down quickly in the city. The giant logo was also abandoned and finally demolished several years after that. I still remember the lightened up Benz logo which was beautiful and pride of Ipoh citizens. I did come across an idea to install the mighty "IPOH" sign on this hill just like it did on Gunung Lang at Ipoh's northern gateway (as shared in 15-Feb-2009). However, the sign is finally appear beside the North-South Expressway (refer post of 23-Apr-2009) and this hilltop remains empty. I am editting this photo to simulate how it looked like in the past when the Benz logo was standing on the hill :-)

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