Monday, October 4, 2010

The Only Downtown Night Market

The open space night market is very popular throughout Malaysia. Back in 1960's~70's, Ipoh city center used to have night market at Market Terrace near the Central Market. If not mistaken, it was the only night market in Ipoh as the population was concentrated in downtown. Furthermore, there was only few departmental stores but none modern shopping complex at that time. Therefore people like to visit night market that offers almost all kind of stuff. Few decades down the road, migration to suburban had affected the night market business. It started to follow the crowd moving to housing areas, leaving downtown quiet & lifeless. Only until few years back, the city council set up a new night market here at Osbourne Street (this street used to be very happening with many street hawkers 30~40 years ago) and name it "Gerbang Malam" (Night Gate). Although it is not as popular as the old time night market, but it certainly breaks the many year silence in Ipoh city center.

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  1. Hi Chun Kee,

    Thanks for reminding me about the first night market in Ipoh in the 1970s infront of the former Perak Emporium at Bazaar Lam Looking along Market Terrace! Still remember eating at the lok lok stall followed by a stop at the sugar cane juice stall. After that, shopping for dress, shoes and hair accesories! Sweet memories!


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