Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Unique Piece in Greentown

Ipoh's buildings are normally designed conservatively & simple to suit the convenience for construction. Therefore we hardly find buildings, especially those constructed in the past few decades, to be attractive and marvellous. Anyway, today I find this at a corner of Greentown, which normally doesn't catch people's eye, at the junction between Dato' Ahmad Said Road & Ashby Road (Hospital Road). This is an extended building of an existing tiles selling shop located just next to it. Although this new building is geometrically simple, but brilliant ideas have been put onto the surface finishing to make it more attractive. This may not be the best design in town but certainly a unique piece. Hopefully there will be more creative & outstanding designs appear in Ipoh. It may helps to eliminate the unseemly nickname of Ipoh called "desert of culture".


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