Friday, October 29, 2010

Tea Leaf Shop

This shop selling tea leaf appeared to be unchanged for many years. From the Chinese characters of the front white shelf, it seems to be doing wholesale & retail businesses. Therefore I find there is a big green weighing scale behind the white shelf and two smaller weighing scales on the counter. It makes me feel like time froozen in this shop and I am glad to see this shop still operating in good shape.


  1. Well done Chun Kee,

    The sight of this shop makes me feel very very nostaligic of the past! This shop looks very familiar, is it along Clare Street? A set of Rediffusion on the wall will make the picture complete!

  2. Ipohgal, this shop is in Old Town Market Street. I was not finding it on purpose. It attracted me when I was walking towards Nam Chau coffee shop for my lunch during a weekday afternoon. There are more shops still operating in very nostalgic furnishing around Old Town. I shall snap more photos and share with all of you here.


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