Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweet Corn Seller at Road Side

Recently when I pass by in the afternoon, I can see the sweet corn seller alongside Kuala Kangsar Road always attract drivers to stop by & buy some corns. It is just harvested from the corn field behind & must be fresh. Well, today I also manage to bring back some sweet corns. According to the farmer, it takes about two months for another harvesting cycle. So I can now estimate when they will appear here at the road side for the next season.


  1. Hi Chun Kee,

    Like you, I too, liked to buy such fresh stuffs directly from the farmer at the roadside whenever I come across them.It is fresher compared with those at the supermarkets.

    Beside corns, sometimes you can find them selling sweet potatoes and tapiocas too.

  2. I agree with you. The most attractive roadside stall i have seen is along the way to Sekinchan. They sell all kind of fruits and also a kind of seafood call Mentarang.


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