Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Site of First KFC

Earlier there were discussions about the first KFC in the post of 25-Mar-2011. Based on the information from Ian and Superyusrie, the first one was here at upstream of Kampar Road which is just opposite to the existing AIA building. I have never been to this KFC although I realized its existance. Unfortunately the restaurant had closed and I have no idea when it happened.


  1. I think the kfc that my parents brought us when we were lil kid was the one near the store there (which near D.R. Park) sorry I am bad with Ipoh's street name, those day KFC considered as a "luxury" meal and oso to us is the most happy family outing~

  2. Hey Chun Kee thanks for posting this photo. It was the earliest that I could remember. As LeAnn suggested, it was a luxurious and happy experience to have a family meal there. In those days, diners would be served with stainless steel cutlery and ceramic plates...


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