Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wearne Brothers Was Here

Wearnes is a big name Southeast Asia in automotive distributor industry. I used to hear this name when my parents talking about their history of living in New Town. The local Chinese pronounce it as "Wen Gong See" (温公司) and I was confused that is a Chinese company, but only later I realize it was translated from the name Wearne's, as seen on this building. Wearne Brothers was the agent for many European cars such as Austin, Morris, MG, Opel, etc. which was established more than a hundred years ago in Singapore. Ipoh was one of the key towns that housed its branch. Anyway, Wearne Brothers had moved out and the building is occupied by a famous textile company, Eastern Decorator since many years ago.


  1. The sight of this building brings back fond memories of growing up along Hugh Low Street many decades ago. Chun Kee, I really missed those days!

  2. Haha... How much we wish to go back in time and experience it once more....


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