Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old Commercial Complex

I believe many people in Ipoh, including myself, cannot name this building, right at the junction of Yang Kalsom Road, Chamberlain Road & Pasir Puteh Road. This junction used to be a roundabout and replaced with traffic light system many years ago. Only when I came to visit it I figure out it's called Kong Wah Building. There are not many occupants at upper floors. I think the high vacant rate is due to lack of car parking and the surrounding traffic system is not favor to visitor to enter this building.


  1. This was the place where I took tuition class during my SRP days.

  2. Oic. It may not be there anymore

  3. hey, is this building "public"?

    am scouting around for possible locations for an outdoor shoot for an overseas client wanting "exotic" shoots..

  4. Yes Takashi. I had no problem access to upper floors' corridor. Just that only staircase is available, no elevator.


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