Saturday, April 30, 2011

Parking Coupon Everywhere

Since few years ago when Ipoh City Council removed all parking machines and replaced the parking payment system to coupon, we always see used coupons thrown everywhere on the street. Despite strong objection from the public, the systme has been implemented several years and no improvement of citizen's habit while more and more paper wasted everyday.


  1. Since I came back to Ipoh year ago, this is the thing that annoyed me the most! everytime i will definitely mutter through the scratching process, haha this really make me sound like an old woman, I always tell my fren "what century we are in now? and ipoh is turning back time, even the karaoke now is using touch-screen and no more searching song book-to-book..." and to me the coupon seriously not an environment friendly i really hope this coupon thing will going to disappear very very soon...

  2. Completely agree with you. I hope we will have our government changed in next general election & hopefully the new leaders will be smarter & care about environmental issues. Of course, the citizens are also responsible to keep our environment clean


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