Monday, July 19, 2010

Also Since 1931

At each end of this row of shop, I see the decoration on roof are made in pair which mark the completion date as 1931. This row located close to the east end (up stream of the current traffic flow) of Hugh Low Street. To me, this marks the shops are considered as a single block and fortunately none of it is replaced with modern building at this moment. However, many are already close for business nowadays. Even some are operating, the building is just barely maintained.


  1. Hi Chun Kee, nice to see you featuring my former home 188 Hugh Low Street (the first photo) in your blog!

    During my early childhood, I did not give much thought about living in a heritage building but now I feel lucky and proud of growing up in such a beautiful place. Too sad I can never retrace my steps back. What is left are just memories.......

  2. Hi Ipohgal, in fact i start realize the other end also have the crafting after reading article on 188 Hugh Low Street in Ipohworld. Yes, most of our experience is now memories. The environment has changed so much, we can never feel the same like in the past. Btw, although i grown up in First Gdn, but i was studied in Yuk Choy. Therefore a big portion of my childhood related to Ipoh town :-)


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