Saturday, July 31, 2010

Old Town at Night

The northern section of Old Town has many banks, legal firms & offices, especially along Belfield Street & Station Road. During day time, the area is quite congested in traffic & crowded with people at restaurants & banks. Anyway, the scene is completely different at night, where shops are closed, corridors are quiet & traffic is smooth. The vacant three-storey De Silva Building and its neighbouring offices along Station Road are kind of too dark & quiet for pedestrian.

Belfield Street is not much different from Station Road except more cars are speeding through the four-lane street. I can hardly find a shop operating at this section except some Indian shops at southern part of Belfield Street (Little India) are still open for business. Somehow I believe it is not so safe to keep the shop operating at this time.

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  1. dear chun kee,

    i'm a personnel from royal college of medicine perak. i'm in the middle of writing things about perak, ipoh especially. can i use few of your photos of ipoh in this blog for my write-up? i hope u can give me the permission for this. thank you.


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