Saturday, July 3, 2010

Elegant Shops at Lau Ek Ching Street

I was walking along Lau Ek Ching Street again. I don't really understand how could almost the entire row of shop houses which located in the heart of the city is not occupied. In fact these buildings are so elegant & attractive if well-maintained. We can see from above pictures, the first on right is recently renovated & opened as a wedding studio, that looked so beautiful & charming. Whereas at the left end of row, there is an art gallery operating that also returns the building's nice look. These are the very limited old shops that offer front yard in town. I believe it can be an ideal place for cafe, restaurant which offers outdoor dining, or simply turn these shops become a boutique hotel themed the colonial living style. "If" I am rich :-) this will be definitely mine & I can imagine how charming the street will be, especially with decorations & light effect at night.


  1. Thank you for high lighting Lau Ek Ching Street.
    I am agree with you that this street is unique. Being a street between streets it can be converted into a walking street like heritage street in KL.
    Tha shops between Catilia designer and Keep Gallery are available for rent at very reasonable rental.
    If you come across any potential tenants you can connect me.

  2. sigh ... how i wished we have these beautiful bldgs in spore
    btw how much it cost to rent the shops


  3. The sad thing is, many of these in Ipoh are at risk of being torn down..... Indirectly i gotta know it costs ~MYR1,800 to rent a shop of this

  4. There used to be many genuine architect firms along Lau Ek Ching...until "cheap" competition and that cheapskate local mentality drove them away to KL & Penang. Ipoh people attitude really need to change ! "Penny wise, pound foolish" attitude is just not the way forward. :( I see some changes taking place but I'm afraid it's just not fast enough.



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