Thursday, July 29, 2010

Han Chin Pet Soo since 1929

Han Chin Pet Soo or Villa of Han Chin which located at northern Treacher Street (Jalan Bijeh Timah) is a clubhouse for tin miners in the past. It was founded by a China-born Hakka tin miner, Leong Fee in 1929. Though it is just a three-storey single-shoplot sized building, it's well known by the locals as "The Villa" or "Pit Sui" in Cantonese. The nostalgic floor & wall tiles is a unique prewar architecture & it marks the city's glorious past of tin minning industry. Opposite to it is the famous Concubine Lane (Panglima Lane).


  1. Beautiful old tile and details on that building. I'm glad that it was preserved.

  2. Hi Chun Kee, nice to see this building being featured in your blog and it was only today that I learnt of it's name.

    During the early 80s, I used to pass by this place on my way home from school. From the bus window, I could see this building but I did not know it's name then. I thought it was a private home of some baba or nyonya family. It was so beautiful and majestic. Yes, I loved the unique tiles on the floor and walls. The balcony at the upper floor was very beautiful too.

    Chun Kee, is it possible to go in and have a look inside? Any idea?

  3. Yes, its uniqueness has drawn my attention since long time ago, too. Anyway, i am not sure we can enter the building for visit. May be i can give it a try later. Hopefully the owner dun mind since it was a clubnouse :-)


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