Thursday, March 25, 2010

Special Effect Clouds

Something unusual appeared above the city this evening. Thick rain clouds that looked like lumps of dark cotton were covering the sky. Sunlight penetrates at its wrinkle like the sky would crack into pieces. The clouds were rolling like burning thick smoke, look so similar to the special effect in movie; imagine a giant monster or an alien spaceship could come out from the cloud. Few minutes later, there was no monster or alien falling from sky but only rain.


  1. Love the clouds in the first photo. It does look like some special effect from a movie. Great capture!

  2. have been following yr entries for the past few months. lived there for a few years and i still have families there. love what u are doing and please keep up the good and noble work. at least this blog gives me the link to a town i love so much but cant seem to find the time to visit.

  3. Thanks alot for you support & i am so happy that u all enjoy the photos i shared.... :-)


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