Thursday, March 11, 2010

The First McDonald's in Town

In Malaysia, McDonald’s is usually a symbol of popularity of a commercial area. The first McDonald’s opened in Ipoh during mid 1980’s (again, I can’t recall which year exactly) at Cockman Street, the busiest & hottest commercial spot in the city center at that time. This fast food giant has chosen a beautiful prewar building that previously housed the Cold Storage. This famous supermarket, which locally called “freezer room”, was later retreated from Ipoh. The building was took over by other owner & once left vacant before McDonald’s move in to Ipoh. Nowadays, the night in this area has lost the crowd, but this restaurant marks the glorious past of Cockman Street.


  1. during my youngters day.. i spent hours reading novels here, at this particular McD...

  2. I am sure many have their sweet memory here....

  3. Anyone know who's the owner of this building?


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