Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Last of the Orange Lamppost

Iron lamppost was the standard street light used in town about 30 years ago. I guess the official colour of city council during that period is orange, because we found orange colour was widely used on items related to the council, such as street fencing, garbage truck, council’s truck, lamppost & even worker’s uniform. The orange lamppost was installed in most of the downtown streets & the trunk roads. However, it had been replaced by aluminium street light over the years. What we are seeing at the junction of Silibin Road & Maxwell Road is probably the last of the orange lamppost in Ipoh. Soon, it will follow the fate of its siblings, to be replaced by new street light in the road upgrading program. Despite there could be some standalone survivors still remain in isolated areas, the orange lamppost has already captured as the city’s history.

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