Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lights On at Wrong Timing

This is a cloudless afternoon. Everyone is trying to escape from exposing under the hot sun while the strong sunlight is forcing our eyes half shut. However, something is wrong on the street & annoying me; the street lights are on in the sunny afternoon. Are we having too much energy to spend? We are so grateful to live in this country which is full of natural resources. Nevertheless, many of us have used to consume resources without caring too much on wastage. I often find street lights are turned on during daytime and normally it lasts for few days before someone could fix it. Even if the improper operating timing of lights has not used extra energy (same working duration in a day), it simply causes inconvenience to the people at night because the street will be covered in darkness. I hope the authorities will improve their efficiency in energy saving not only to cut down expenses in dollar, but also to minimize the consumption of resources.

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