Monday, January 11, 2010

The Orange Blanket at Sky

Weather in this evening is kind of weird. After a long hot day, it was heavy rain & strong wind at Silibin when I left the factory. But when I drove further away from there, rain is getting smaller & I can see water evaporating from the hot road surface creating a scene of “steamed road”. Just after a few kilometers of driving, I reach Jelapang with no sign of rain at all, but with warm sunshine. When reaching Klebang, I can see the clouds are like an orange blanket and I believe the rain had stopped.


  1. perfect colors! it´s incredible when we have a very hot day and it´s about to rain in sunset we have those amazing colors. it looks like some paintings of the american artist Maxfield Parrish, look for it in the internet if you don´t know him.

  2. Yes, sometimes the sky is really like a large scale painting & I do enjoy it very much. Well, I will surely take a look on Maxfield Parrish paintings. Thanks a lot!


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