Thursday, January 14, 2010

Damai Puri Condominium

High rise condominium building is not popular in Ipoh because Kinta Valley has the sufficient land for the moderate population. Therefore, landed properties are always the choice of local citizen. Damai Puri is one of the few well known condominiums in the city which located off Kampar Road, strategically next to luxury mansions. It was planned to be a 12-block community, but after the objection from local residents, it had been amended to be 5-block high end condominium.


  1. What a stunning condo building. It's so great to have a room in there. Wants to see some interior shots of this condominium. Thanks!

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  2. The Damai Puri condo is wonderful. Know all about it

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  3. Nice codos a damai puri. I liked their space and style
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