Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Look & Strategy for Local Product

Hor Fun, in Cantonese (also called Kueh Teow in dialect of Fujian / Hokkien), is a kind of flat noodle which is commonly found throughout Malaysia, Singapore as well as Hong Kong. This particular manufacturer, Ipoh Kueh Teow is making exceptionally good noodle with extraordinary smoothness & stiffness. It used to supply Hor Fun to many stalls / restaurants around Ipoh and also other towns, but retail shop was not available. Recently the manufacturer opens a shop at Yau Tet Shin Street and promoting the sales to the public. More importantly, this is the location of many Ipoh famous local foods that attracts tourists & visitors. Probably this is a right move to enhance the marketing strategy to capture a wider range of customer by distributing to restaurants and also retailing. Nevertheless, its outlook is also upgraded to promote branding, as we found the similar trend on many other local products.

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