Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Shine of 21-12-2012

21-Dec-2012, is probably a most mentioned day in recent years. And this day has come. While some people is worrying about end of world, most of us choose to live like normal. Until the evening, no mega disaster, super volcano eruption nor asteroid impact has happened. Well, when I see this last shine of the day, I was thinking whether the sun would not rise anymore. However, if today is really the end of world, I wish it would be the end of an old & ugly world. Today shall be a turning point that human being realize their greed, selfish & violence has brought so much damage. We ought to share our love & care among each other, to the environment and animals. Even just a little spark of love, if everyone willing to share theirs, it will certainly make our future more beautiful & peaceful.


  1. Agreed with you! Seems like dark skies over Ipoh lately.

  2. Yes Chris. But i think the raining season will end soon when CNY approaches.


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