Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hidden Treasure of Belfield Street

These old shophouses looked like having no commercial value and abandoned. Well, it may be right before this year but they are now house for the city's famous & unique restaurant, Burps & Giggles. Since my last post on this restaurant before its opening in August, this name has been one of the most popular terms among Ipoh citizen. What amazed me & out of my expectation is the owner keeps the shophouses exterior almost completely untouched (including the old signboard of previous occupant) and leave it appeared at its very original condition. Unfortunately after the restaurant running business for months, I have yet to pay a visit to this "legendary" restaurant which is first of its kind in Ipoh. But, again I am recommending this blog post and let Motormouth tells you more about Burps & Giggles.

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