Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jose & Deli Eatery

This is breaking my own record in "Images of Ipoh" to have 10 photos in a single posts. Well, I just couldn't stop myself to add one after another photo to share the charming environment of Jose & Deli Eatery. It has just commenced business for about 3 weeks & I believe many still find no idea with this nice & cozy place. Probably some might aware of the recently fully renovated French Hotel at Cockman Street (Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar), which is right next to the previous Lido Cinema. And you will find Jose & Deli at 1st floor that is accessible from the main staircase from hotel lobby.

Jose & Deli is being chosen as today's buddy gathering venue after recommendation from friend. And it seems the choice was appropriate. Such a nice cafe is rarely found in Ipoh & it is grateful that we are now having a new name in our list of choice for dining & reunion. Natural light shines in from the glass window during daytime while interior light bulbs create the warm & romance atmosphere at night.
I could spend significant amount of time in here if to really observe the objects & decorations at every corner of the cafe. And yet there are quite some choices in the menu to indulge ourselves. This is definitely one of my favorite dining & visiting places. If you wish to explore & know more detail about Jose & Deli, this blog post is certainly a good one to read.


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