Friday, September 2, 2011

Value of An Old Building

Metal frames are installed onto the exterior of this old shophouse at Hugh Low Street. This building used to house one of the best curry noodles in town many years ago, so called Chuan Fong (泉芳). The front side of this shop was once bang by a car & collapsed its front portion. The curry noodle stall then moved to another shop at the opposite row & this building is left vacant until today. I believe the metal frame will be carrying billboard but I have no idea the shophouse will be occupied or it just used for hanging advertisement on the exterior. If the latter is true, I feel so sad where old shophouses in town become such lack of value nowadays.


  1. Few people would want to stay in a shophouse in town nowadays. They would rather stay in housing estates in the suburbs where there is less traffic noise from the street, more open space, parking inside the house compound, etc.

  2. Yes Steven, i am totally agree with you & this is the disappointed part of our city development. I always imagine if there is a financially strong developer able to own an entire block of old shophouses & restore it to be suitable & comfortable for modern living. There are certain streets in town, indeed, do not have very bad traffic disturbance can be considered. Of course, i wish the restoration is not a complete reconstruction, but the very original building appearance & structure would be maintained.


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