Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stories of My Home Town

We probably have heard a lot of stories about the rich & famous in Ipoh since its establishment over a century ago. Stories of tycoons in the industry of tin mining, plantation, properties & so on. Those big names also marked on our road map to commemorate their contribution to the city's development. Somehow we have a chance to hear the story of the ordinary people of Ipoh, those whom might be the girl or boy next door in our life. And the stories are just like many of our experience in the early years. Thanks to a dedicated team lead by Commander Ian Anderson, a book named "Ipoh, My Home Town" is launched today. The team, which is running the website Ipoh World, has spent years to collect information & photographs of local residents and finally edited into this book, probably the first volume of it which possibly more to come in near future. I feel so grateful to have such dedicative people who put so much effort in preserving the history of life in Ipoh. I am sure this book will touch the heart of Ipohites & people from the towns at its surrounding. The launching ceremony was held in Royal Ipoh Club. It was simple but meaningful with the speech presented by Commander Ian Anderson & Tun Lim Keng Yaik. I have got my copy right here. If you like to order the book, you can visit the website of Ipoh World.

Congratulations to the team!!

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