Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Traditional Biscuit Shop, Ching Han Guan

Ching Han Guan, in Cantonese "Zhong Hon Yuin" (鍾漢元) is a well known name in Ipoh as a popular traditional biscuit shop. Founded in 1949, it has been based at Hugh Low Street for more than half a century & almost every elderly Ipoh citizen knows about it. There varieties of biscuits sold here, which attract many migrated Ipoh people come back to find their familiar tasty biscuits. Despite running traditional business, Ching Han Guan is now also found in cyber world at http://www.chg.my. And a new signboard with modern design coexists with it's original main board is telling us the traditional biscuit shop is ready to enter the new era.

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