Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Old Hotel Restored

Although this is not a unique building, but the restoration has shown a good example of how an old building in town can be utilized without demolition & rebuilding. As seen from the original signboard, this Cowan Hotel (or more like a motel) seems to be operating for quite some time. I believe many other downtown traditional budget hotels can do the same to upgrade themselves & offer its very own nostalgic environment for a truly old-time South East Asia living experience.


  1. Good to know that some old buildings were put to good use instead of just tearing them down mercilessly.

  2. Yes, doesn't care it's a simple building or landmark masterpiece, we shall preserve the heritage buildings for coming generations while commemorates our ancestors' hard work in this land.

    Another potential good news, as shared earlier in this blog, ( the row of shop at Theater Street is coming to completion & last week i found out it could be built very similar to original design. Yet to check it out to confirm.


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