Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to D.R. Park

D.R. Seenivasagam Park (usually mentioned in short as D.R. Park), was initially called Coronation Park, is the biggest green heart in Ipoh city center. It is named after the famous local politician who was the Ipoh councilor & MP in 1960's. It used to be the most popular public park in the city. I believe almost all Ipoh citizens who born in 1960's & 70's visited this park and have sweetest memory on the beautiful lake & the zigzag bridge. There were also landscaping, plants that cut in animal shape, fountain, manmade streams & the bicycle track that complete with traffic signs. Although some of these had disappeared & replaced with new structure, the park is still a relaxing & refreshing place to ease the busy life in city. Visitor coming to D.R. Park nowadays is getting lesser compare to 3 decades ago. People are migrating to the suburban & there are new parks established around the city. Yet this park is not kept in tiptop condition to serve the best facilities to visitors. Nevertheless, D.R. Park still presents its beauty by nature with the plants & lake.


  1. Hi Chun Kee,

    You are right. This park was popular with Ipohites some decades ago. I went there once with my cousins and we have a wonderful time cycling along the bicycle track. Sweet memories.

  2. Yes, Ipohgal. I still remember the zigzag bridge, rocks at lakeside & tulip-shape fountain were popular spot for photographing. Unfortunately, except the rocks, others are not there anymore.


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