Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving Antique

This car should be approximately half a century old, but it is still in operating condition. I am quite amazed when I see the plate number (not seen in this photo) initiated with alphabet "AB". This should be very few that are still running on the road.


  1. Hi Chun Kee,

    What a coincidence! About 2 weeks ago, I also saw a similar car but in yellow colour at Jalan Pudu. Sadly, I did not have a camera with me at that time to capture it as I was doing some marketing nearby. Just the twin of this little green gem!

    By the way, what car is this?

  2. Haha, so nice....

    I have no idea what car but the front bonnet is marked with "PREFECT"

  3. It's a Ford Prefect from the early 1960s


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