Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snapshot From Tun Razak Library

This afternoon I come to a place where I used to hang around during my schooling time, especially when close to examination. Yes, I believe many has the same experience to study in Tun Razak Public Library. Again, this is one of the places that I have not been visiting for more than 10 years. Today I make my first return after these years & it still appears like in my memory; it even smell the same :) Immediate after entering the library, I am doing my favorite action like in the past; going up to the top floor (level 6) and enjoy the view on Ipoh city from a high spot. In those years when I was still a student, I did not afford to have camera for a snapshot on this favorite view of mine. At this moment I cannot hold myself to continuously capturing photos to compensate the faded image in mind. Of course, the skyline has changed a little with the existence of some new high rise buildings. And today a breakthrough is made for the blog by posting its first video clip. I hope everyone here could enjoy the beautiful image of Ipoh in motion.

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