Sunday, March 25, 2012

Poor Living Condition

There was a post about Sungai Pari Towers published in January last year. The photo was taken from far & we could see the condition of the flats was quite poor. Today I am walking closer to the tower & find the situation is worse than I imagined. Despite the units that are still occupied, many have been abandoned & left in very bad condition. Some units have lost the entire window frame & door while some even overgrown with weeds. In the compound of Sungai Pari Towers I found a signboard stated the maintenance had been carried out between Oct-2007 & Jan-2008. This flats are properties of the local authorities, why the maintenance isn't a continuous activity to ensure the living condition of its residents being well taken care of? And I also wonder any officer or councilor had paid a visit to this poor neighbourhood & work out something to overcome the current situation? I notice Ipoh City Council is very happy of its continuous increase of income over the years but I see negligible improvement in the city's infrastructure.

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