Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Timah House

This is a 6-storey building at Belfield Street. Although not a significantly large building but what has drawn my attention since I was young is the glass wall. It is called Timah House, I have no idea who own it and what the building occupies for. Anyway, back in 30 years ago, glass wall building is only seen in other major cities. And Timah House's partial glass wall was simply a pioneer of Ipoh's architecture in 1980's. I still remember among my brothers and friends we called it "the glass building" (玻璃楼).


  1. I noticed this building too when I was young, mostly on the "Kampung Tawas" bus ride home from Hugh Low Street after school. I liked to think of it as "Snow building" 雪花樓,look at the 'ice-cream' topping of each level you would understand why..

  2. Imagination is always great in kids. But i think yours goes better than mine & i like the name you created for it so much :-)


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