Monday, May 23, 2011

Before It's Gone

This row of shop at Clarke Street (beside ex Ruby Cinema) is being isolated. It makes me worry that it will be tron down very soon. The right most unit was still intact when it was captured in my snap shot of hanging street light on 3-May-2011. But today its roof tiles & windows are gone. Look like it will go missing any time from now. I can see the 5 shops were designed as one block and the center unit was added with special decorative features. As I glance through the front doors & windows, some inner structures have been brought down and I believe it is not just renovation but a complete rebuild project. What a waste to have a historical piece in the city going disappear. Before it's gone, I can only capture its last moment as an image to be remembered in coming days.


  1. Does Ipoh has any organisation like Heritage Council etc to protect significant heritage building? It's sad to see them gone. Many larger cities in the world have protected their heritage architecture so well that in return they give their city a vivid identity bringing cultural and economical benifits.
    Chun Kee, how do you find "Ipohworld's world" since you have been invited to their website? I thought they are capable of taking up the role to amplify your concern. I find many people who posts things on Ipohworld's world have expessed their nostalgia beautifully in words but they never stepped up collectively to do something about it.

  2. Kinta Heritage Group, i believe this NGO does put effort to help enhancing the awareness of preserving Ipoh's heritage. They also occasionally working out with the state government on promoting unique spots of the city & advicing in maintenance of historical sites. But I do agree with u that the group & its supporters can move further to rescue our heritage. Just that i think the barrier is the building's ownership & funding. I still find the government is the best agent for this purpose & the effectiveness would be significant with appropriate policy making.


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