Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moonlight Grail Fountain

I am not so sure the age of this fountain and I find difficulties to track it’s history, but it should be at least 30 years and above. The fountain has a beautiful name, Moonlight Grail, and has stood here at the Sultan Idris Shah Roundabout, the main entrance to Ipoh city from the southern gateway, welcoming uncountable visitors. Therefore, it used to be a famous landmark of Ipoh. When it is fully lighted up at night during special occasions, the golden grill with crystal-like water curtain would definitely draw the attention of people passing by.


  1. never know that was what they called it...my parents used to drive around that roundabout countless times just to amuse me when i was a kid...still am amused by it :)

  2. Same to me. My primary schooling was just around that area & the fountain is so familiar to me. Anyway, the lights are not on every night, only certain special days it will become glamorous with lights on.


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