Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ipoh Airport

This is the Ipoh airport, which is just few kilometers away from the city center. However, this is not an advantage to the development of the city, but becomes a barrier of the city’s growth. Due to the airport is located at the valley that surrounded by mountain ranges & the airport is so close to the city, Department of Civil Aviation has set a height limit for buildings in Ipoh (if not mistaken, is approximately 150m, or about 17 storey tall) for safety purpose. On the other hand, the airport neighboring lands are fully occupied where it has no room for any expansion to handle aircrafts bigger than Boeing 737. Therefore it could hardly operate international flights but only very limited domestic trips. Since the completion of North-South Expressway, situation became worst where ground transport traveling time to Kuala Lumpur and other major cities within the peninsula is cut down drastically. The airport was once stopped from operation. Now, although the airport is back in service providing flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Indonesia, it’s contribution to boost the economic growth of the city is just so insignificant. While the government is developing other airports within the country, moving the Ipoh airport away from the urban area is always a wish of the Ipoh citizen. It certainly solves the above mentioned problems & provides the city a gateway connecting directly to the world. Somehow, these voices of us have never been seriously considered or probably we are being cheated by the politician year after year.

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