Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Work is Almost Done

As reported, Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic is sponsored to present seven murals in Ipoh Old Town. So far, most of the murals are done, leaving the final huge one "Tin Mine" at Treacher Street, where the famous Ho Yan Hor herbal tea started its business (currently known as Hovid) still in painting process. Before this, Ernest has completed "Yellow Humming Bird", "Old Man Drinking White Coffee", "Boys in A Paper Plane", "5 Packs of Coffee" and "Waste Collecting Old Man", while he added on a new dress and a bird cage for "The Little Girl". To ease finding these murals, I make use of Google Earth to mark the locations. Hopefully this is helpful for those who wish to visit the murals without much difficulties to hunt them in Old Town.

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