Monday, June 16, 2014

Remember the Old Star Cinema?

When someone mention about Star Cinema, most people may remember Seri Kinta Building. The old Star Cinema building at Lower Chamberlain Road and Hussein Road might have been forgotten for long time. This old cinema is also well known as a haunted building. Its location which is lacking popularity for commercial activity can hardly succeed the business running here. From cinema to night club, the last occupant had left and leaving the building vacant for many years. Perhaps the situation begin to change since the operation of neighbouring hotel, restaurant & pub, and launching of a commercial project adjacent to it. It is seen renovation work is carried out, which probably will turn the old cinema into a new amusement centre.


  1. This is beside Euro House right ? old cinemas that i remember are Lido And Rex at town when i was young used to wait bus to go home in Ipoh Garden ... Sweet Sweet Memories ~

  2. Yes, this is beside Euro House. Those less popular cinemas were Star (before it moved to Seri Kinta Building), Ruby & Odeon.


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