Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Disappointing UTC

Since the project of UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) began, I had been looking forward to return to this building of Super Kinta to recall my memory of this legendary supermarket & departmental store of Ipoh. I am not curious about what is running inside but just wish to refresh my experience in this floor. And this day has come. Upon arrival at the main entrance, the staircase that lead us to the lobby at 2nd floor still remained but dressed with nicer tiles & paint. I still feel good when reaching the reception counter because I can recognize the surrounding and trying to recall how it looked like in the past. However, when proceed further, I feel great disappointment because the previous spacious environment and tall ceiling have been replaced by just an ordinary office-like interior. And I start realize this is simply another building that bring some government service counters under one roof, whereby these departments' office are indeed not too far from here. This idea has been applied before in the Greentown Federal Building, but later many departments moved out to setup their individual building at Meru Raya. Now the similar game is being played right here. I am wondering how much taxpayer money has been spent for this white elephant project. Is this anything to do with "transformation"? Worst still I find most counters are having no visitor, leaving the government officers chit chatting in the comfortable environment.


  1. no more kaya ball that i used to buy in super kinta shopping..
    But at least it makes ipoh citizen easier.All centralize payment centre.
    Alang2 pi yik foong,bayar bil skali la...

  2. No doubt it is more convenient to have most departments under one roof. I just feel sad about the money being spent in less efficient way.... Furthermore, I wonder how long would it survive. Perhaps many counters will shut down despite so much investment pour in to this building. And I don't see what is the transformation to citizens. Simply open more counters will improve our life???

  3. please be positive guys.. for me, it's a good thing.. i just have to walk to UTC to pay my bills and renew my license..

  4. Orang tak reti bersyukur...ko pegi jgk kn UTC...sembng lebih...


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