Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Wave of Cloud

After a rainy night, crystal clear atmosphere in the morning seen with a great wave of cloud. Several downpours in the city for past few days had chased away the haze & return to us the beautiful blue sky. While we regain this nice gift y mother nature, probably it's time to seriously consider again what we can do, though a small action, to safe our only planet for living.


  1. Hello Chun Kee, where did you go to capture this breathtaking sky scenic? :)

  2. Hello Reana, it's Klebang. This is a good location with huge vacant land for a wide angle view over Titiwangsa Range. Of course, the awesome creation of nature is the key to such beautiful scene :)

  3. Its a very nice picture CK. I do follow you blog and always looking forward to your pictures.
    You are right, we should consider our actions to save such beautiful planet. Else, at the rate this is going, your images will be the only images left of it.

    AK Richard


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