Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Cherry Blossom" in Ipoh

Few times in a year, you can see the beautiful "cherry blossom" scene around Ipoh. There are many tecoma trees planted by the city council. When come to the blossoming season, some trees along the street are full of flowers and looked like sakura in Japan. Do you agree with it?


  1. very pretty~ may i know where in ipoh did u snap this?

  2. I got this in Taman Klebang Ria. During the period the same nice blooming scene was seen around Ipoh :)

  3. Nice site.

    Don't forget to mention that the first car ever introduced to Malaya/malaysia was in Ipoh/Perak too.

    Disappointed to see those limestone hills been blashed for commercial purposes. What am urgly sight when travelling along the toll-way out of Ipoh. Feel really sad when visiting Ipoh..... commercial interest before natural beauty.

  4. Finally manage to get these beautiful flower name after been Google everywhere.
    100% agree. Every morning when see the flower in blossoming season, I will smile.


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