Monday, February 20, 2012

Graffiti In Old Town

Graffiti is not commonly seen in Ipoh, or even in Malaysia. Probably we have impression this is kind of vandalism. But if the paintings were done nicely & without improper messages, I think it helps to present another kind of image to the city. When I saw this near the Standard Chartered Bank, I was quite surprise but impressed with the creativity of the artists.

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  1. Hi Chun Kee,
    Graffiti art or Street Art is alive in Malaysia.
    1. George Town kicked it of with many a street art that depicts some history of the streets in question or depict some culture of life.
    > see
    2. Ipoh's art is more on the cultural history of the city.
    > see
    3. The KL one's found at the Klang River Storm Drains are randomn, a runaway expression of the artists.
    > see
    4. Even clinical Shah Alam has it's street art these day.
    5. Malacca has them at it's riverside
    see >
    6. Ernest Zacharevic did a street art exhibition at the His Bus Depot in Penang
    see >


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