Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Night In Greentown

Greentown Business Center, one of the most congested districts in Ipoh city center during daytime, is completely different at night. After the offices & banks closed, restaurants & pubs scattered around the business center unable to attract crowd at a hot spot & create a lively atmosphere. Unless more aggressive development such as building a shopping mall, or at least a large food court on the last piece of vacant land here, else it will not surpass Ipoh Garden East (or some call it Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh), which has Kinta City Shopping Center & Tesco Hypermarket backing it up at adjacent to bring the crowd.


  1. I have been to Ipoh.
    But I don;t remember seeing this Greentown. ;p

  2. Greentown used to be a custom village back in 1970's to 1980's. In late 1990's, the city expansion started in this area to have shop & office blocks. Greentown become popular from Greentown Business Center & later its adjacent land rose the building of EPF, Federal Government, Greentown Mall & Greentown Square. Somehow, it seemed Greentown doesn't catch up with the attarction of Ipoh Garden East..... You may find Greentown easily by locating the city council building (MBI headquarter) or The Syuen Hotel. The area around is consider Greentown including the Ipoh Square (Dataran Ipoh).


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