Friday, April 9, 2010

View from Kledang Hill

I have not been coming to Kledang Hill, the most popular hill jogging spot in Ipoh, for so many years. I am here this evening to have a look, not for exercise. I did not go far up but just stopped at a higher spot from normal ground which is good enough to take a view over the valley. It was raining before I reach here, and there is still raining somewhere at the southern part of Ipoh. This is a view towards southeast. The nearest seen ex tin mine lake & houses is Menglembu residential area while the mystic limestone hill formed a beautiful background


  1. I didn't know there's a lake at the foothill before. Is that a former mining leftover or just a sewerage retention pond?
    You really should go up there at night to capture the commanding view of the city from further uphill. It's really something to behold. ;)


  2. That's a former tin mining lake. But i believe it will not be there for long as properties development is so agressive, it make be reclaimed soon for houses.


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