Sunday, April 18, 2010

MH Tower, New Hotel Soon

Really wondering Ipoh is in need of so many additional hotel rooms as we are seeing one after another hotel being established during the last 1 or 2 years. Despite many of them are budget hotels, I still doubt the city economic status would make these hotels survived. This is the construction site of MH Tower, a new hotel project by a local developer (not YNH as seen in the photo), which is strategically located right at the junction of North South Expressway’s Ipoh North exit. To my knowledge, this will be a 20-storey hotel and therefore a tower crane has just been setup this afternoon. Anyway, this location would probably bring the hotel good business & hopefully it will be a nice looking building to welcome all Ipoh visitors at its gateway.


  1. Hey Chun Kee,

    The following link will provide some information about this hotel called medan bistari (MB).....This site is also a good place for you to explore more about recent developments in ipoh.....

  2. sorry ....its this site....

  3. Thanks Daniel, i find the link is very interesting & indeed i get more info about Ipoh. Great!!


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