Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lam Looking Bazaar

Seeing the current condition of this building, I am sure many senior citizens of Ipoh would feel sad. The Lam Looking Bazaar was once a very happening spot of Ipoh. It was built in 1933 & had hotel, restaurant, shopping arcade & even an opera hall under one roof. Perak Emporium was occupied the building in 1970’s as a famous shopping center in town. However, situation has changed since 1990’s. Lam Looking Bazaar lost its attraction due to the establishment of modern shopping malls in the city. It even damaged in a fire in 2005 that makes the building fully evacuated. Thus far, no restoration plan is visible & the future of this building still unclear.


  1. What a waste. But whatever the decision is, I hope it gets done soon. It's not just an eyesore now but can also be dangerous.

  2. I read from an article that the building already has new owner. As reported, restoring plan is underway but the schedule is unknown.


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