Friday, July 15, 2016

We Are Number 6

This is truly a big surprise news, not just to Ipoh but the whole nation, that Ipoh is listed at sixth among the ten best Asia destinations to be visited in 2016 by Lonely Planet, a well-known international travel guide publisher. Over the years, Ipoh is probably a secondary destination of most travelers or just a pass-by city between Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Despite the increased number of tourists are plotting Ipoh in their traveling route, most Ipoh citizen do not realize the focus on this valley city. This could be resulting from the natural growth of many new tourist attraction spots without too much publicity and the effect of social networks that promote Ipoh through personal sharing. 

Ipoh has just reached a new milestone and much more effort needed from the locals to develop the tourism industry. This is a gifted home which surrounded by natural mountains & clean water falls, irreversible history & beautiful heritage, delicious food & hospitality, which would certainly impress our guests. We would go further by appreciating and appropriately utilizing these resources and advantages. Good luck Ipoh!


  1. yes... Ipoh is a very nice place. Good food. Friendly people. everywhere also can reach within 15 mins

  2. Beautiful pics... I miss home!


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