Saturday, May 17, 2014

Towards a Developed Country?

We have been told over the years that we are progressively growing towards a developed country and the target shall be achieved in year 2020, which is less than 6 years from today. And most of us always choose to observe and to accept nice things in our living environment but pretend not seeing the poor & the unfortunate in the society. Do we realize except certain areas in the major cities, our country is indeed full of mess? There are still many people from the grass root level not able to live comfortably, but force to find some living subsidies from the waste. I am certainly losing confidence of the vision to become high income country in near future, but I just see the gap between poor and rich is gradually widening.


  1. This is a very dramatic photo. I have not noticed your blog before and had never heard of Ipoh. I found your commentary most interesting. And rather depressing. A similar thing - a growing divide between rich and poor - is happening in the U.S. also. And our current crop of politicians have done everything in their power to make sure the rich are well taken care of while the rest of the country is neglected!

  2. It is sad to hear that similar trend is growing in many countries. Power & wealth is so much interrelated nowadays where real welfare of the people is often put aside.


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