Sunday, February 2, 2014

Robot of Noodle

This is not a science centre, also not a toy shop. This is just a noodle stall in an ordinary coffee shop in town. Doing business nowadays is getting tougher and more competitive. Even you can make tasty food, you must first attract your potential customer. Big signboard and colourful pictures are just something "me too" that everyone could make. Then eye-catching feature like this robot would be a good idea to draw people's attention, at least it catches my eyes. Eventually I tried its pork noodle which is not bad at all. Thanks to Mr. Robot for bringing me tasty noodle and bringing more customers for his master. Looking at Mr. Robot's right arm, it should be a moving part which may really used to cut noodle or vegetable or something else. However, his master was too busy serving customers so I have no chance to ask for more detail. No worry, I will come again.

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