Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Jusco" In Memory

The Japanese retail giant, Jusco has been restructured some time ago and currently owned by Aeon. Since then, the shopping centres in the group are gradually changing its name from Jusco to Aeon. Kinta City Shopping Centre was well known to Ipoh citizen as Jusco and the giant tower signboard that carried the logo of Jusco had been a landmark since 1997. It is now Kinta City's turn to carry out the change followed by the switch of owner. Logo of "Jusco" has been dismantled from the tower signboard and logo of "Aeon" will be installed soon. Nevertheless, I believe most Ipohite will continue to call this Jusco and many find that it's easier to differentiate Kinta City from Aeon Station 18.


  1. I'm a Ipohite residing in Kuala Lumpur, and still referring Kinta City as Jusco when doing the 'catching-up' with other Ipohite.. :)
    managed to captured the Jusco signboard back in February.

  2. Well it will still be our Jusco in the future. The image of previous sign became historical valuable photo :)


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